At Last Theatre is a small company of artists and friends,
creating opportunities and work that inspires.



Alan Olejniczak is a San Francisco playwright and opera librettist. Alan is on the board of Theatre Bay Area Board, a member of the Dramatist Guild and Opera America. Alan is co-founder of bicoastal At Last Theatre, which produced House/HOME last October for the O+ Festival in Kingston, New York. Last year, Alan produced and wrote Dominion at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, Five Honorable Mention Plays in 2016 and Present Tense at The A.C.T. Costume Shop in 2015 His one-act play Transgress was presented in April 2017 at the 36th Annual William Inge Festival in Independence, Kansas and The Bechdel Group in New York City.

Alan is currently working with two composers, Daniel Brown on their opera on the life of the French mathematician, Évariste Galois and with John Young on the adaption of Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilyich." Alan has written for Portico Studios in San Rafael, a next level interactive storytelling experiences in virtual reality. He is also collaborating with Christopher Turner on PROGRESS blending fine art narrative photography with social and environmental activism.


Rik Lopes has been a theatre artist for over 30 years. He began as an actor at the age of 10 and ultimately evolved into a director, producer, playwright, and educator. Favorite roles have included Claudius in Hamlet, Karl in The Baltimore Waltz, René Gallimard in M. Butterfly, Dardis in the world premiere of Giant Bones, and the title role in Macbeth. He co-founded HurLyBurLy in 2008 with creative partner Mikka Bonel and directed their inaugural production of Cat's-Paw at Periscope Cellars in Emeryville, CA. With At Last Theatre, he directed Present Tense, Dominion, and House/HOME, the first theatre installation in New York Hudson Valley O+ Festival for the arts. He currently resides in Kingston, NY, with his partner Fennel.

Graphic Design

Liana Winternitz loves to do stuff. Like the time I wrote an directed a Quantum Leap fan fiction play and cast my friends to perform it for me for my birthday. Like when I built a Star Wars X-Wing pilot costume just to wear when I watch Star Wars, or creating a Jurassic Park based roll playing game where you get to play as dinosaurs. Or make fancy felt collars for my dog. Marketing and graphic design keep me alive in many ways and I also do things that are not as dorky, but I'm not as proud of those, that's what this is for. For hire.